About Us

The knowledge-based Zino Technology 3rd Millennium company is making an increasing effort to create a better future in the treatment of diseases related to the spine. Using modern knowledge and technologies, this company produces high-quality and efficient products that help improve the quality of life of patients. The people who work together in this group have many capabilities in terms of science and technology.
The production of our products is carried out under the supervision of expert and elite people, each of whom has a place in related scientific fields and they are diligently trying to design, produce and supply the best products.
The products of Zino Technology 3rd millennium company, each one is used to solve the complications related to the spinal discs; Such as herniated damaged discs, spinal cord stenosis and ruptured discs, slipped discs, etc.
The current product portfolio of Zino Technology Co., Ltd. includes intervertebral disc replacements designed and manufactured with the latest technology and unique structures. The products of our company are made of medical grade titanium alloy and were produced with 3D printing technology. These products have a porous structure with open pores, in addition to having a favorable surface roughness. These features are true in all manufactured products and accelerate the process of integration with bone (osteointegration).
Also, this company is proud to announce that it is developing new products in this field, which it will soon unveil with the continuous efforts of its human resources.
We believe that a bright future belongs to all striving and searching people; Be the fighter of your dreams. Therefore, we are trying and committed so that physical disabilities do not prevent us from achieving our dreams.

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